The SXSW Scout
Hi, I'm Ben.

You want 2011 to be your agency's best year yet, and I want to help.

The dead-ends of SXSW are treacherous but easy enough to circumvent with a strong creative and technical background and a well calibrated bullshit meter. I just WD-40'd mine; I'll loan it to you.

SXSW draws many of the industry's most influential movers and shakers to do serious business while having fun. You need someone who is one of them, someone who goes where all the action is — rubbing elbows, sharing pints, and *scouting* these interesting folks for you on their natural habitat.

Kristopher Hanson, Director of Production, Schematic

How I can help you.

  • Intros to the hottest startups and technologists relevant to your company
  • Comprehensive report on under-the-radar SXSW startups and techs, and analysis of how they relate to you
  • Consultation before SXSW to discuss your company and any specific areas of tech interest
  • A post-SXSW brainstorm to figure out how to best leverage these SXSW insights & connections
  • and more
Sound good?
Let's Talk!
Jared Cocken, Creative Director, The Wonderfactory

Why I'm your *best* scout.

  • I'm an NYC-based entrepreneur & Creative Technologist (designer-coder hybrid).
  • My blend of expertise is perfect for an ad agency, startup, VC firm or other company interested in how the people and technologies at SXSW are crucial for their business in 2011.
  • I've worked with award-winning brands like Burger King, Volkswagen, Hilary Duff and The FoodNetwork.
  • My work's been featured in Forbes, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, on ABC and others.
  • I graduated from college recently enough to still take good notes... and hold my liquor.
  • Heck, I'll even bring you back a shirt.

Want to know more about me? Take a look at some of my latest projects:
» Lean Startup Machine, co-founder
Weekend bootcamp where entrepreneurs learn Lean Startup principles through real-world problem solving and coaching from mentors that get it, which was expanded to four cities within six months and was recently celebrated on Eric Ries’ blog. A single weekend that will change how you think about building startups.

» Adopt A Hacker, co-founder
Effort to draw more entrepreneurial out-of-town technical talent to New York City by offering a firsthand glimpse of the city's tech scene. We pair hackers with friendly ambassadors from the NYC Tech Scene who serve as "instant best friends" and offer them a couch for the weekend, bring them to tech events and/or grab coffee to chat. The City just got a bit geekier.

» See more of my work

Ready to make this your best year yet?
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Joe McCambley, Founder & Creative Director, The Wonderfactory